Rifton Solo Lift


What if a lift could save your back, streamline your workflow and treat your clients with greater dignity? Welcome to the Rifton SoloLift: a device to transfer clients from sitting to standing anywhere in your facility— efficiently—with zero lifting. Dramatically simplifies all transfers, even into a forward-loading gait trainer Transfers in a natural sit-to-stand arc, […]

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Rifton Prone Standers


Rifton Prone standers allow for physical development and greater social interaction – enabling clients to experience the world more fully while building strength for the future. Our Prone standers provide anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms. Fully adjustable, Rifton Prone standers can “grow” with clients as their skills develop, allowing for increased weight-bearing over time.

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Rifton Supine Stander


In the Rifton supine standing frames, clients can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow for functional alignment, and the client’s arms are free for activities. Supine standing provides head support with partial weight-bearing. We offer two sizes for a wide range of users.

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Rifton Dynamic Standers


The Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more important, this mobile wheeled stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a child can progress toward independent standing.

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