Carrot 3Iso Turn/Iso Base

ISO-Turn – Turn table

ISO-Base – ISOFIX connection

How can I fasten my child in an optimal way? That’s the question many parents ask themselves. A stable, high quality car seat is one aspect. But an perfect assurance is another. By ISOFIX this assurance is optimized in an international norm of fastening a car seat.

RehaNorm offers a special ISOFIX system for the Carrot, Carrot II and the Mini Carro: the ISO-Base.

If size and weight of the child complicate putting him/her into or out of the car seat, the ISO-Turn turntable is a formidable help. Of course the ISO-Turn is also equipped with an ISOFIX system.



Measures: L x W x H: 41,7 x 30,5 x 8,2 cm
Weight: app. 1 kg


Measures: L x W x H: 50,5 x 40,0 x 48,0 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Foot height adjustable from 35 to 41 cm

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