Rifton HTS

Rifton Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS)

Rifton Hygiene & Toileting System

Healthier for children.
Simpler for you.

Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So we designed the Rifton HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple, affordable, the Rifton HTS promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile, its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.


    • The unique design of the optional seat pad opening – open to the rear for larger clients – facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene.
    • The portability kit provides clients greater independence – and their families greater freedom to travel.
    • Optional integral skin foam pads for the back and seat provide comfort for clients and easy disinfecting for caregivers
    • Optional gas-assisted tilt-in-space enables the Rifton HTS to tilt 15˚ forward for easier transfer and better toileting position, as well as 15˚ back for showering and hair washing.
    • On. Over. Off. No matter what your toileting situation or special need, the Rifton HTS can meet it with its unmatched versatility:

It is usable:

    • ON the toilet, attached with mounting bars
    • OVER the toilet, attached to a mobile or stationary economy base
    • OFF the toilet with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan


Configurations of the HTS

Ideal for any child, any toilet, anywhere

OVER the toilet. Use the mobile economy base to wheel the Rifton HTS over toilets of nearly any size and style, enabling the client to use the same toilet as the rest of the family. Or use the lower stationary base (on toilets up to 15” tall) so clients can put their feet on the floor. The mobile version also doubles as a shower chair











OFF the toilet. The mobile base and commode pan allow for use of the Rifton HTS anywhere – not just in the bathroom.


As a shower chair. By doubling as a mobile shower chair the Rifton HTS eliminates the need to purchase separate equipment for each activity. The optional tilt-in-space model tilts up to 15˚ back; the backrest tilts up to 18˚ back; and the headrest is adjustable, all providing the ideal showering position for clients of every size, shape and ability.
















In the tub. The tub stand attaches to the small and medium Rifton HTS seats and bases for comfortable in-tub bathing and hair washing, while the reduced footprint accommodates narrow and wide tub bottoms alike.


























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