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Kaye Walkers & Accessories

The Kaye Walker (Posture Control Walker) is designed to make walking less energy consuming whilst improving postural alignment.

The Kaye Walker combines a open-fronted, folding aluminium frame with individually height adjustable legs. The legs can be fitted with different wheel or ferrule options to suit both the user’s abilities and the environment in which the walker is to be used.

The Kaye Walker is used extensively across the globe as both a walking training device and a community walking aid.

As a child grows and the walker is adjusted in height, the “footprint” of the walker increases, therefore ensuring that the walker remains stable throughout its useful life. Having an open front to the posture walker reduces the “barrier syndrome” and helps to improve social development, interaction with others, as well as enabling children to get closer to tables and play surfaces. The rear bar is also a key feature of the Kaye Walker™ as it acts as a stimulus on the user’s hip extensors, prompting the user to take the next step.

There are 6 frame sizes available in the range including two frame options in the W4 size – light and heavy duty. The heavy duty version has reinforced joints to compensate for heavier users with erratic or irregular walking patterns. Extra-wide frames are available on request, as are weighted frame inserts to increase the weight of the walker.

Measuring correctly: Whilst the user is standing with their arms by their side and with a few degrees of flexion at the elbow, measure from the crease in the palm of the hand to the floor. Always remember to adjust the walker as the user grows to maintain good posture and efficient walking.

For further information about the Kaye Walker and the accessories available please request our brochure via our online enquiry.

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