three rifton dynamic pacers

M, L & XL Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer

Ready to go everywhere.

Gait training has come a long way since Ridton  introduced Their first model in the 1980s. And over the years customers have faithfully delivered design suggestions. Now, we’re proud to respond with the redesigned Pacer. We know you’ll see your ideas reflected in this newly imagined gait trainer.

The Dynamic Pacer provides a versatile gait-system for all settings, indoors and out. Therapists can quickly adjust it to optimally position the client. Built-in number scales and other features ensure that caregivers consistently set the Pacer at the established position. The ease of transition from overland to treadmill gait training will maximize achievements during treatment sessions, while maintaining user and staff safety.

Rifton’s New Pacer 
It’s a system comprising an upper frame with a choice of bases, to accommodate clients with a broad range of abilities, in a variety of settings. Everything about Rifton Pacers encourages progress for clients so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go. And like all of our products, the new Pacer comes with the quality and dependability you rely on from Rifton.

Introduction Video



Use the slides below to learn more about the features that make the new Rifton Pacer gait trainer the most versatile, adaptable and durable patient mobility aid on the market today.

Dynamic movement


Dynamic weight-shifting—Our new sleek dynamic upper frame delivers the kind of movement you’ve asked for with 3″ of vertical movement, 2″ of horizontal movement and separate lock-out control for each. Whatever the particular needs of your client – in either anterior or posterior positioning – you can now do more.


Dynamic upper frame. A sophisticated, compact mechanism allows this upper frame to float 3″ up and down and 2″ side-to-side, providing dynamic body support. These powerful features enable the vertical and lateral movements that occur naturally as we shift weight from one leg to the other. If your client doesn’t need this movement they can be locked out independently.

Easy height adjustment

Both our upper frames feature a single telescoping column with a gas spring to make height adjustments easy. A single button releases the gas spring for easy height adjustment. Release the button to lock it at any height.

Versatile in every setting – a system built on three bases

Indoors: Better than ever. Our standard base provides exceptional functionality and support in any setting with improved casters and all-new features.

Who says therapy can only happen indoors? Bring your gait training outdoors or in with our new utility base featuring large, rugged wheels and greater base width for better mobility on rough surfaces.

Over a treadmill: We heard you. Our therapists asked for a simple and affordable treadmill accessory and we delivered. You can mount the same upper frame easily on any of the three bases. Available in two widths, the treadmill/stability base straddles almost any treadmill. It also adjusts 7½” from the lowest to highest position.


Quick and easy positioning

The Multi-Position Saddle (MPS) is the ultimate positioning accessory for easy transfers and gait training.

The MPS hip corral quickly provides the pelvic stability needed for upper and lower body mobility. Additionally, the MPS has five adjustments for quick and easy pelvic positioning.

The MPS can be used for anterior and posterior gait training. The MPS easily attaches to both the dynamic and standard upper frames.


Smoother transfers

The MPS makes transfers, especially for heavy clients, so much easier (and safer). By placing the upper frame and MPS in their lowest positions you can ease your seated clients onto the saddle. Using the height adjustment on the MPS, the caregivers raise the client’s pelvis to the optimal height for weight-bearing and step-taking.


Our best casters just got better.

Really good isn’t good enough when it comes to mobility, so we took your advice and made our acclaimed casters work even harder.

You said you could use foot-actuated swivel locks. We agreed.

You asked for improved swivel with low turning resistance. We listened. No one else makes a caster like Rifton.

Variable drag: Made with the same material used in automotive brakes, our variable drag feature gives you greater control with the simple twist of a dial.



ld Pacer prompts attach on new frame!

Prompts and supports – such as the new arm supports and old chest support – attach anywhere along the Pacer frame’s top bars.


Makers of high-quality bicycles believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating because it is formulated to stand up to wind and weather. So do we.

Our new Pacer gait trainer is available in your choice of 5 colors: blue, red, lime, pink and gray. This slide shows our most popular color Pacer, blue; swipe or click the arrows to view the other colors.

Sizes & Dimensions

Important: User’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.

Key user dimensions (inches)
Measure the vertical distance from the bent elbow to the floorwhile the user is standing upright.See our other sizes.
red XL Rifton Pacer gait trainer

XL New Pacer


Elbow height

24 – 35

32 – 47

34 – 49

Item Dimensions (inches)
Floor to top of arm prompt 24 – 35 32 – 47 34 – 49
Overall width Standard base: 26
Utility base: 30
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 35
Wide treadmill/stability base: 40
Standard base: 28
Utility base: 32
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 35
Wide treadmill/stability base: 40
Standard base: 31½
Overall length Standard base: 30
Utility base: 36
Treadmill/stability bases: 41
Standard base: 36
Utility base: 40½
Treadmill/stability bases: 41
Standard base: 39¾
Frame height Standard & utility bases: 21½-27
Treadmill/stability bases: 23½-36½
Standard & utility bases: 28½-38½
Treadmill/stability bases: 30-47
Standard base: 31-41
Base height (without upper frame) Standard & utility bases: 14½
Treadmill/stability bases: 21-28½
Standard & utility bases: 16
Treadmill/stability bases: 21-28½
Standard base: 18½
Frame weight (lbs) Standard base: 15
Utility base: 18½
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 27½
Wide treadmill/stability base: 28
Standard upper: 7½
Dynamic upper: 11½
Standard base: 15½
Utility base: 19¼
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 27½
Wide treadmill/stability base: 28
Standard upper: 9½
Dynamic upper: 13½
Standard base: 22½
Standard upper: 11
Dynamic upper:15
Dynamic upper movement Vertical: 3
Horizontal: 2
Vertical: 3
Horizontal: 2
Vertical: 3
Horizontal: 2
Caster diameter Standard & treadmill bases: 5½
Utility base front casters: 8
Utility base back wheels: 11½
Standard & treadmill bases: 5½
Utility base front casters: 8
Utility base back wheels: 11½
Standard & treadmill bases: 5½
Utility base front casters: 8
Utility base back wheels: 11½
Maximum treadmill width Narrow treadmill/stability base: 29
Wide treadmill/stability base: 34
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 29
Wide treadmill/stability base: 34
Maximum treadmill height Treadmill/stability bases: 11 Treadmill/stability bases: 11 n/a
Maximum working load (lbs) 150 200 250
Chest prompt chest circumference / height (inches)
Small 14-28 / 4½
Medium 22-40 / 6½
Large 28-50 / 8
Important: Make sure that the chest prompt width allows for growth.
Communication tray (inches)
Inside Dimensions 8½ x 11
Maximum working load (lbs)  10

Having trouble printing this chart? Try this printer-friendly chart (pdf) instead.

Further prompt dimension details (pdf)

More information about Rifton’s new Pacer gait trainer is located in the following Product Manual:Large, Medium and XL New Pacer (pdf)


Download the New Pacer Positioning Checklist


Download the XL Pacer/E-Pacer/TRAM Comparison Chart


Chest prompts Arm prompts Arm platforms
Rifton Pacer Chest prompt dimensions Rifton Pacer Arm prompt dimensions Rifton Pacer Arm platform dimensions
Hip positioner Pelvic support Thigh prompts
Rifton Pacer Hip positioner dimensions Rifton Pacer Pelvic support dimensions Rifton Pacer Thigh prompt dimensions


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