Rifton Bath Chair systems

Rifton Blue Wave Bath Chairs

Here is Rifton’s modular, practical bathing system that is height adjustable. Order a stand, and use the Bath Chair in the tub or for a shower. Select the pediatric bath chair system that is just the right size for your child.

  • The Blue Wave Bath Chair fits in most tubs. For the cover, order the standard vinyl-covered nylon fabric, or select the soft polyester knit option for this bath tub chair.
  • The Tub Stand is used with any size of bath chair, and raises the bath tub chair to a working height, allowing for safer transfers and safer bathing above the water level where this is necessary.
  • The Shower Stand makes the bath chair into a shower chair at caregiver standing height, and has casters to roll easily into the shower.

Fabric is removable
Seat and straps are removable for machine washing. For more on the Bath Chair fabric choices, see Bath Chair Fabrics above.

Easy Transfers
A bath chair with tub stand is at the same level as a wheelchair, for safe transfers into the bath tub chair.

Folds Flat
The Bath Chair folds flat for easy storage.

Leg Straps
Leg straps attach to the Bath Chair frame for abduction.

Height Adjustable
Height can be adjusted with child in the Bath Tub Chair. Adjustable legs raise the chair up to 7″ above tub floor for safe transfers.

Adjustable angles
The Bath Chair Seat and Back angle adjust easily, even when occupied. For details of each size’s adjustment, see Sizes & Dimensions.

Rifton Blue Wave shower bath chair and toilet chair fabric choices

Standard Fabric

The standard fabric we use to cover our bath shower chairs and toilet chairs is vinyl covered nylon with webbing straps. This fabric dries faster and is more porous. It is good for situations where the toilet, shower or bath chair is primarily and regularly used for bathing/showering.

Soft Fabric

The soft fabric was designed as an alternate cover for our toilet, shower and bath chairs for clients who needed greater comfort, especially for those with extreme curvature of spine. This softer fabric covering comes with a trunk strap that helps lateral positioning. It also has extra padding between the fabric and the toilet or shower bath chair frame.

A modular, versatile, practical bathing system that is height adjustable and usable in the tub or for a shower.

Basic item:
The Rifton Blue Wave bath chair comes in small, medium and large size. It can be used with or without a stand.

Tub stand: Raising the chair to a working height, this stand allows for safer transfers and allows children to be bathed above the water level where this is necessary. Small, medium and large size bath chairs fit on the same stand.

Shower stand: The mobile shower stand, used with any of the three bath tub chair sizes, holds the child for standing caregiver assistance. It has open access to help the child with showering.

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