Rifton Compass Chairs

For the inclusion classroom

Education means giving children the freedom to learn. This often means providing them with additional support, allowing them to play and learn alongside their peers. Our Compass Chairs are perfect for your inclusion classroom.

At first glance, the Compass Chair is an appealing, ergonomic pediatric chair. With a second look, you’ll see that it provides support and positioning for the mildly impaired child. The boundary of the circular armrests provides security to concentrate and learn.

A seamless fit into any classroom, this durable chair is a simple seating solution. It integrates well with standard classroom chairs, making inclusion less noticeable, yet giving the help needed.


Ergonomic Curves
Ergonomic curves promote correct posture. The rounded “waterfall” front adds comfort and encourages circulation. All edges and corners are rounded for safety.

High Armrests
High Armrests encourage self-supportive sitting and allow for comfortable learning for a child with special educational needs.

Secure Feeling
The Compass chair sides and armrests provide a ‘hug-like’ feeling of security, helpful to children with ADHD and ADD, while the wide-based design makes the chair stable without having the legs protrude.

Hardwood sides
The Compass chair has sturdy, laminated hardwood sides. Durable chair tips reduce noise and won’t mark the floor, even when children push or scoot the chair.

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