Rifton Corner Floor Sitter

Everybody wants to sit on the floor at circle time. And with the Rifton Corner Floor Chair, everyone can! But it’s not only for circle time. Think of all the activities children are happiest doing on the floor. For the child who cannot sit up on his own, and who needs his shoulders and upper trunk supported, the Corner Floor Chair is the simplest way of seating a child at floor level. In this chair he is independent, with hands free for play, while maintaining optimal erect trunk alignment. When the chest strap of this mobile positioning chair is loosened, the child has limited movement, while remaining well secured. This encourages trunk strength, stability, and self-righting. Sitting at a 90° angle, with comfortable leg extension, children can join their peers on the level they like best – and you’ll be amazed how much more fun circle time is!


Laminated Hardwood Back
The sturdy, three-sided back is molded out of laminated hardwood.

Comfortable padding
Comfortable padding curves around the child in the Corner Floor Chair.

Adjustable chest strap
The padded chest strap is height-adjustable. All straps can easily be removed for washing.

Non tip base
Stabilisers give the Corner Floor Chair a compact, non-tip base.

Dual-adjustment hip strap
The hip strap on the corner chair is dual-adjustable, allowing the buckle to be placed wherever it is most comfortable for the child.

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