Rifton Multidesks

Wheelchair desks

Our totally adjustable wheelchair desks come in two sizes of table top, two models: flat and tilt-top, and three adjustable leg lengths, so you can select the size and model that matches your needs and budget. You can adjust the wheelchair desk height without tools.


MultiDesks come in two sizes, two models, and three leg lengths.


Snap on edges
hold small items on the wheelchair desk that are likely to roll off. They snap-on without tools. See accessories below.

Book Ledge
Tilt MultiDesks have a hardwood book ledge in front so pencils and paper don’t slide off.

Tilt Top
Tilt Multidesks adjust quickly and safely in 5° increments up to 30°.

Comfort Curves
Cut-out Curves
are standard on all MultiDesk wheelchair desks – the cut-out in the table top helps position a child who needs a little extra support.

Adjustable Legs
Legs Adjust in one-inch increments, tool-free. Each wheelchair desk has a choice of three leg lengths.

Leg Height Ranges (inches)*

Wheelchair desks are available with low, medium or high legs.

* Note: Tilt-top adds 2″ to height.

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