Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer

Durable, adjustable, portable, the Pacer Gait Trainer empowers clients of nearly all sizes and abilities to improve their mobility.

  • Prompts mount anywhere; no tools required
  • Simple two-handed height adjustment in 1″ increments
  • Innovative casters with separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag and one-way ratchet control
  • Fits easily in car trunks and through 32″ door frames
  • Easy rear access for transfers from Rifton SoloLift
  • Clients can face either way (posterior or anterior)
  • NEW! Pelvic support for more natural gait.

Introduction Video

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Features

+Collapsible Frame

Medium, Large and XL Pacer frames fold for transport. Use the two-handed release catch to unlock the frame. The folded frame can fit in most car trunks. (Mini and Small Pacers fit in most trunks without folding.)

+Easy Rear Access

The Rifton Pacer allows Easy rear access for transfers. Users can face either direction, allowing for posterior positioning.

+Height Adjustable
Simple, two-handed height adjustment in 1″ increments. (The Mini Pacer frame is not height adjustable but can be adjusted by changing the height of its hand loops or arm prompts.)
+Innovative Casters
Rifton’s Pacer comes with Innovative casters that have separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet control features. Use any combination to control the Pacer’s speed and direction. They make our walker into a true Gait Trainer that stands out from the rest.
+Posterior Position
In the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, users can face either direction. The Pacer prompts can be secured in position along the top bar so that the opening of the frame is in front of the client. Attach the Arm Prompt clamps and Chest Prompt clamps forward of the uprights, where needed. You have the option of using the Handholds rather than the Arm Prompts.
+Prompts Mount Anywhere
Prompts such as arm rests, seat and chest support mount anywhere along the top bar, and are easily removed when a child no longer needs them. Most walking aids don’t have these options.

Mini & Small dimensions

Medium, Large & XL dimensions



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