Rifton Supine Stander

In the Rifton supine standing frames, clients can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow for functional alignment, and the client’s arms are free for activities. Supine standing provides head support with partial weight-bearing. We offer two sizes for a wide range of users.

Note: The Large Supine Stander was formerly called the TranStander.

Fold-away Top
Flip down the top of the Stander for a user who needs to learn head control.

Lateral Supports
The lateral supports slide out of the way to aid transfers. Support blocks adjust easily, they slide in, out, up, down, or rotate.

The armrests fold down when they’re not needed and can move up and down the frame or tilt at varying angles to encourage upper body control.

Angle Adjustment
Small supine stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85° for accurate positioning.
Large supine stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85°.

Height Adjustment
Small supine stander: The small supine stander is 28 ½” high when horizontal.

Large supine stander: The crank handle lowers the Large Supine Stander horizontally to 21″ (wheelchair-level) for a sitting transfer. Raise the Large Supine Stander up to 30″ to accommodate other transfers.

Double-locking casters prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

S-curve frame
The sturdy, curved S-frame gives plenty of foot room to the caregiver, and allows close proximity for transfer in and out of a wheelchair, or other equipment.

The footboard adjusts, bringing the child up to a comfortable height for the caregiver.

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