TOM 5 Streeter Buggy

Order code: T5SWKPXYY

Brand new 100% ALUX spring-cushioned chassis and brand new 100% ALUX fully position adjustable seat of MONOSLIDE design are the base for new product line of multipurpose fully foldable and adjustable aluminum strollers for children with special needs – TOM 5 Streeter in sizes mini, standard and maxi.

High-tech full-aluminum chassis of the TOM 5 stroller is produced by the new high-tech ALUX production method, which takes advantage of an aluminum alloy and a titan joint hardener combination. ALUX method ensures chassis low weight and high durability.

Fully foldable chassis includes among others new well designed chassis to seat interface, safe brake-system, spring-suspension, ergonomically shaped handlebar with the height adjustment.

100% ALUX full-aluminum seat is as well as produced fully by high-tech ALUX production method. Seat-unit is detachable, reversible and fully size and position adjustable. It includes not only highly innovative MONOSLIDE design, but as well as easy tilt-in-space telescope operated system and well approved flexible system for attaching of fixation devices and positioning accessories.  Seat shell is covered by fully detachable soft padded textile upholstery in fashionable design. Easy handling is ensured as well as by the stroller’s fully foldable frame even with attached seat.

Stroller TOM 5 has been designed in cooperation with professional designers and seating specialists and it excels not only in design but as well as in use value – it is one of the lightest strollers in the category. Additionally 260 mm (175/260 mm) solid wheels enables usage of the product not only in town but as well as for the light outdoor activities. The correct usage of the product should be consulted with a seating specialist.

The product corresponds to the newest EC standards as well as hygienic, technical and safety requirements.

Standard equipment:

  • detachable and reversible seat-unit
  • height adjustable backrest
  • depth and width adjustment of the seat-base
  • seat-unit with fully adjustable tilt-in-space function
  • fully reclining backrest with lateral supports
  • angle and height adjustable footrest
  • angle adjustable footplate
  • 260 mm (175/260 mm) solid wheels
  • detachable safety bar with cover
  • height adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • upholstery with reflexive safety marks
  • basket, hip rest, padded frame cover
  • frame colors and fabric patterns according to the current offer

Optional equipment:

  • hood
  • rain cover
  • room base
  • headrest
  • side trunk rest
  • 4-point immo. belt
  • abductor wedge and other equipment according to the actual list

wide variety of fixation devices and accessories as an optional equipment

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